So it has been more or less two weeks since I started Kyra on solids.  I have decided to not give her the same thing for four days in a row, it sounded much to boring to me.  And I decided to give her a combination of foods and not only veggies or cereal to start with.  So far it is going brilliantly!

She have had banana, apple, potato, avocado, sweet potato, carrot and butternut.  She’s had all of these on their own and then I have mixed potato with butternut and potato with avocado and sweet potato with apple.  She loved everything especially the sweet potato with apple.  She would grab the spoon and hold it at her mouth and when you take it away she would start banging her little arms on her feeding table.  It is adorable!  The only thing that she does not like on it’s own is potato, but when you add a little milk to make it creamy she loves it as well.

Got to run baba awake, chat again soon.